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Barbi's Favorite Resources

Barbi's favorite resources, course design, teaching strategies, and technology

These are some of my favorite resources in course design, teaching and learning, and technology.

Some of these resources on this page and throughout my site contain affiliate links (indicated by *). If you purchase a product or sign up for a program through one of these links, I receive a commission at no additional cost to you. I only endorse products and services that I think will be helpful for you and that I have used myself. Thank you for your support.

Online Learning Toolkit*

OLT uses the community of practice model and offers ongoing teaching support for members. You can think of it as an entire social network dedicated to teaching and learning.

OLT was created by Judith Dutill and Dr. Melissa Wehler. They've both been guests on the podcast (episodes 11, 43, 48) and presenters for the Lecture Breakers Conference. They are awesome facilitators and educators, and I enjoy seeing all the new things they create!

As a member of the Lecture Breakers community, you can save 10% on your annual membership! Click below to learn more!

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Alpe Audio*

Alpe is an audio education platform. They partner with professors and instructors to deliver courses designed specifically for the on-the-go, busy learner.

Yehoshua Zlotgorski, CEO of Alpe, joined us on episode 62 of the Lecture Breakers podcast to talk about the power of audio in teaching and learning. I enjoyed our conversation so much that I wanted to join their team as an affiliate.

Click below to learn more and go ahead and listen to a course!

And if you decide to create your own audio course, be sure to tell them you're part of the Lecture Breakers community! I can't wait to hear what you create!

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We! Cards*

Use these cards in your courses, seminars, and workshops to create connections and increase engagement. The cards were created by Chad Littlefield and Will Wise, founders of We and Me, Inc.

I've used the cards during the Lecture Breakers conference, and they've been featured on the podcast (episodes 3, 21, and 44).

Use code LECTUREBREAKERS for free shipping!

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Instructional Design Institute*

Save time when it comes to learning about instructional design and making the online learning experience more meaningful.

Dr. Luke Hobson created the Institute to support current and future instructional designers. Luke has been a guest on the Lecture Breakers podcast (episode 61).

In addition to courses, you also get access to coaching sessions and the community where you can connect with others who are interested in learning more about instructional design.

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I use Podscribe for the transcription services for the Lecture Breakers podcast. I really like the dynamic and interactive transcription tool.

Use my affiliate link below, and they'll transcribe the complete backlog of all of your podcast episodes when you sign up for the yearly plan. Such an awesome service!

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Create images, slides, videos, flyers, infographics, and more with Canva! I use this tool almost everyday in my courses, programs, and business.

You can easily create beautiful designs for social media, course websites...the list goes on and on!

Click below to learn more. They offer free and paid accounts.

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I use Shopify for my entire website. It's easy to create blog posts, landing pages, and an online store.

Shopify allows me to create and manage my website without needing a team of web developers or contractors. It's so nice to be able to update my own site and experiment with different designs and layouts.

The store interface is very easy to use and I can sell my products and services to individuals and groups. If you are thinking about creating a website and online store, then I encourage you to try Shopify!

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