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Lecture Breakers Virtual Summer Conference Schedule (June 16-18, 2020)

Here's the full schedule for the Lecture Breakers Virtual Summer Conference 2020!

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lecture breakers virtual summer conference

*All times are in ET (NYC, East Coast)

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Session Descriptions:

12:15pm - 1:15pm ET:  Session 1 with Dr. Norman Eng

Title:  Focus Your (Online) Instruction with the One-Sentence Lesson Plan

Description: As we all come to terms with potentially continuing to teach online this fall, many of us are likely grappling with ways to plan and deliver instruction clearly and meaningfully. What content should we focus on? How will students learn this content? What tools (if any!) do they need?

Dr. Eng's proprietary yet simple "one-sentence lesson plan" can help you focus on the most important elements as you prepare lessons each week. In this webinar, he will pay particular attention to the flexibility in which a one-sentence lesson plan can work in both the in-person and virtual classroom. 

1:30pm - 2:30pm ET:  Session 2 with Dr. Echo Rivera

Title:  End #DeathByPowerpoint: The Top Myths That Cause Academics to Create Ineffective Lecture Slides 

Description: Many of us have both heard and felt #DeathByPowerpoint before this year, but for some reason it feels even worse now that webinars and online course videos are becoming more common. For some, this provides further validation that PowerPoint is inherently flawed and that slides are an ineffective way to teach. But, what if I told you that PowerPoint is not the problem? That, in fact, PowerPoint is my #1 recommended tool for designing clear, captivating, and concise presentations that are visually engaging?

Many are shocked to hear this, and that is because there are some pervasive myths about how to present effectively in an academic setting that refuse to die. These myths are the root cause of #DeathByPowerPoint in every setting--in person, webinar, or pre-recorded videos. Join me during this hour to learn what these myths are, and the core element of creating an effective presentation from start to finish, regardless of setting or format. Hint: It's NOT slide design! 
In this session you will learn:

  • What actually is "effective presenting?"
  • What are the most damaging myths about presenting effectively in an academic/professional setting?
  • What is the #1 thing you need to address to create engaging presentations, regardless of setting or format?  

2:45pm - 3:45pm ET:  Session 3 with Karen Costa

Title: How can you integrate effective and engaging videos into your course without getting overwhelmed? 

Description: This session will introduce you to the why and how of creating instructional videos for your students. You'll work together with your facilitator to identify common challenges and frustrations that hold you back from creating videos, and one by one, we'll discuss strategies to overcome those barriers. You will leave with a combination of theory and practice to inform your use of videos in your land-based and online classrooms. 

If you've been wanting to make videos, but can't seem to get started, of if you've made a couple of videos, but haven't developed a consistent practice, this session is for you. Come learn about how videos can empower and inform both you and your students to achieve teaching and learning success.


 Lecture Breakers virtual summer conference*All times are in ET (NYC, East Coast)

lecture breakers virtual summer conference schedule at a glance

Session Descriptions:

12:15pm - 1:15pm ET:  Session 4 with Dr. Sarah Rose Cavanagh

Title:  The Spark of Learning: Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion 

Description (video):


1:30pm - 2:30pm ET:  Session 5  with Dr. Richard Felder and Dr. Rebecca Brent

Title: Dealing with Active Learning (Face-to-Face and Online) Headaches

Description: Hundreds of studies have shown that getting students actively engaged is better than traditional lecturing at promoting almost every learning outcome you can think of. Unfortunately, just doing active learning in your class doesn’t guarantee that you and your students will automatically get the benefits the research promises.

Problems can occur, especially if you’re fairly new to active learning, and the course can get out of control if you don’t deal with them quickly and effectively. One problem is that when you give students more responsibility for their own learning than they’re used to—which active learning does—some of them may get grumpy about it and a few may be downright hostile.

This interactive session will address the following questions:

  • How common is student resistance to active learning? What forms might it take? What can you do to minimize or eliminate it in your classes?
  • What else might go wrong in active learning? How can you make sure it doesn’t?

    2:45pm - 3:45pm ET:  Session 6 with Dr. Brian Beatty

    Title: HyFlex Course Design: Supporting Student Engagement and Instructional Continuity through Student-Directed Hybrid Courses

    Description: HyFlex (Hybrid-Flexible) courses provide multiple participation paths through a course that encourage students to choose which path – in class or online (synchronous and/or asynchronous) – works best for them for a given class session. Providing effective learning paths in multiple modes within the same class sections supports active and engaged student learning for all: distant and local, “live” and virtual.

    Combining online and in-class students allows institutions to maintain class section enrollment numbers while meeting physical distancing requirements. Providing students with meaningful participation choices supports their individual needs and preferences regarding on-campus participation. HyFlex courses also support our common immediate need for “built-in” instructional continuity to prepare for potential contingencies in the coming academic year and beyond.

    This interactive session will review the HyFlex methods developed during the past 15 years in many institutions around the world, focusing on aspects of teaching, learning and supporting a shared learning community. We will also discuss basic design processes and institutional faculty development approaches for those implementing HyFlex in their courses, and summarize the research conducted on the HyFlex model in action.

    In our discussion, we will address some of the common challenges for faculty, students and administrators that must be managed. Participants are encouraged to review the open-access book Hybrid Flexible Course Design: Implementing student-directed hybrid classes before this session.


     Lecture Breakers Virtual Summer Conference*All times are in ET (NYC, East Coast)

    lecture breakers virtual summer conference schedule at a glance

    Session Descriptions:


    12:15pm - 1:15pm ET:  Session 7 with Holly Owens, M.Ed.

    Title: Creating Positive Learning Interactions: A Look at Fun (& Easy) Ed Tech Tools to Engage Students in the Online Space 

    Description: The connection between student engagement, positive interactions, and enduring learning is often a matter of providing students with multiple modes of experiencing content and building an online community. Educational applications can help create learning experiences that engage students visually, auditorily, kinesthetically, and socially.

    In this one-hour session, participants will be introduced a variety of fun, easy to implement, educational applications that you can integrate with your own teaching goals to improve your students’ experiences, engagement, and

    Following this session, you will be able to:

    • Discuss strategies to keep your students engaged throughout the duration of your course
    • Identify functionality of at least two tech tools that can be used to engage students
    • Discuss ways to incorporate these tools into your asynchronous and synchronous classroom activities
    • Identify support resources available for students and faculty on how to successfully use these tools

    1:30pm - 2:30pm ET:  Session 8 with Judith Dutill

    Title: Online Teaching Strategies to Engage Students and Have Fun Learning Together 

    Description: So, your online course is designed and now it is time to teach! In my opinion, teaching online is when the fun begins. This session will discuss online teaching strategies we can use to engage our students and have fun while learning together.

    Strategies covered in this talk include creating interactive videos, easy-to-adopt reflective teaching strategies, and incorporating problem-based and project-based strategies. Learning online does not have to be boring – let’s go!


    2:45pm - 3:45pm ET:  Session 9

    Title: Building Community in Online Courses with Dr. Melissa Wehler

    Description (video):


    How to Use the P.L.A.N. Framework to Break Up Your Lecture with
    Dr. Barbi Honeycutt (pre-recorded, on-demand)

    In this on-demand webinar, you will be introduced to the P.L.A.N. framework as an approach to lesson planning. This 4-part framework is an easy way to outline the flow of your lecture and strategically integrate active learning strategies to increase engagement and improve learning. This framework can be used to design lectures, one-time presentations, and faculty development workshops. 


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