Interviews & Media

Podcast episodes and interviews featuring Dr. Barbi Honeycutt's work:

The Lecture Breakers podcast

The Lecture Breakers podcast is the place where college professors, instructors,  and educators share innovative teaching  strategies to inspire you to break up your lecture (or sometimes break away from it completely!), energize your classroom,   increase student engagement, and improve learning. Listen and subscribe!

The GradBlogger podcast

In episode 84 of the GradBlogger podcast, Dr. Chris Cloney and I talk about how I designed and launched the first Lecture Breakers Virtual Summer Conference.

The First Time Facilitator Podcast

In episode 147 of the First Time Facilitator podcast, I talk with Leanne Hughes about creating more engaging learning experiences and training sessions. I also share how I created the first Lecture Breakers Virtual Summer Conference.

Episode-20 of the Academics Mean Business podcast with Dr. Lindsay Padilla

In episode 20 of the Academics Mean Business podcast with Dr. Lindsay Padilla, I share my experience turning my academic work into a business and how to leverage your scholarly expertise in the entrepreneurial space.

Episode-25 of the Cheeky Scientist Radio podcast with Dr. Isaiah Hankel

In episode 25 of the Cheeky Scientist Radio podcast with Dr. Isaiah Hankel, I share the 7 most valuable transferable skills in teaching and how you can highlight these skills when preparing for a job outside of academia.

Interview with Dr. Kevin Coleman

In this interview with Dr. Kevin Coleman, I talk about the FLIP, the flipped model in higher education, and instructional design to promote student engagement. We also discuss what it's like to build a business based on your scholarly work and how to get started in entrepreneurship.

Episode-106 of the EdTech Weekly podcast

In episode 106 of the EdTech Weekly podcast, I talk with Ricky Zager about the FLIP model in higher education and how to start implementing the flipped model without getting overwhelmed.e

Interview with LearnPower and iTeachers

In this interview with LearnPower and iTeachers, I share a brief overview of what the FLIP is and how to increase student engagement (transcript). 

If you are looking for a guest for your podcast, contact me and let's work together!  Topics: teaching and learning in higher education, flipped learning, active learning, instructional design, professional development for graduate students and postdocs, faculty development, and entrepreneurship.