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Interviews & Media

The Lecture Breakers Podcast

I'm the creator and host of the the Lecture Breakers podcast. This is the place where college professors, instructors, and educators share innovative teaching strategies to inspire you to break up your lecture (or sometimes break away from it completely!), energize your classroom, increase student engagement, and improve learning. Listen and subscribe!

Dr. Luke Hobson's Podcast

In episode 47, I talk with Luke about my entrepreneurship journey, and I share my story about building a business in education over the past 10 years. We talk about branding, facing our fears, the challenges of creating and selling products and services, and how to let go of things so you can grow your business.

Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast

In episode 381 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, Dr. Bonni Stachowiak and I discuss how to use podcasts in your teaching. I share my experience creating the first 100 episodes of the Lecture Breakers podcast and discuss creative ways to integrate podcasts into your lessons to increase student engagement and improve learning.

The EdUp EdTech Podcast

In episode 24 of Holly Owens' EdUp EdTech podcast, I share a little more about my journey into faculty development. From starting as an intern to launching my own business, Holly and I talk about lessons learned along the way and why I enjoy creating spaces for educators to connect, learn, and share ideas. Listen and subscribe!

Leadership Educator Podcast

In this episode of the Leadership Educator podcast, I talk with Dan and Lauren about how to create more engaging learning experiences by breaking up lectures in leadership courses.

Academics Mean Business Podcast with Dr. Lindsay Padilla

In episode 20 of the Academics Mean Business podcast with Dr. Lindsay Padilla, I share my experience turning my academic work into a business and how to leverage your scholarly expertise in the entrepreneurial space. (Note: This podcast has been renamed Wealthy Teachers.)

The Launch Plan Podcast

Excited to be a guest on episode 8 of The Launch Plan podcast! I'm hoping to help instructors, course creators, and consultants design more engaging online courses within and beyond higher education. In this episode, I talk with Karthik Vijayakumar and share more about my easy lesson planning framework. We also spend a few minutes talking about the flipped course model.

Online Business Launchpad Podcast

In episode 65, I share my 4-step Lesson Planning Made Easy framework which can be adapted to any course in any format. Educators, entrepreneurs, presenters, and trainers can apply this process to create engaging and well-designed lessons. I also share a little more about my journey into entrepreneurship and offer advice for those who are thinking about starting your own side hustle, project, or business.

The First Time Facilitator Podcast

In episode 147 of the First Time Facilitator podcast, I talk with Leanne Hughes about creating more engaging learning experiences and training sessions. I also share how I created the first Lecture Breakers Virtual Summer Conference.

The GradBlogger Podcast

In episode 84 of the GradBlogger podcast, Dr. Chris Cloney and I talk about how I designed and launched the first Lecture Breakers Virtual Summer Conference.

Higher Ed Podcast

I share 5 ways to break up your lectures in this interview with the Higher Ed podcast team! I also share a little more about my journey from working in higher education to starting my own business to serve educators and provide more professional development opportunities.

The Nine-Five Podcast

In episode 25 of the Nine-Five podcast hosted by Nick Nalbach, I am one of several entrepreneurs who share our stories about why we started podcasting and what podcasting has done for our audiences and our businesses. A great episode for prospective podcasters!

The EdTech Weekly Podcast

In episode 106 of the EdTech Weekly podcast, I talk with Ricky Zager about the FLIP model in higher education and how to start implementing the flipped model without getting overwhelmed.

Luminaris Podcast

In episode 05, I talk with Dr. Mark Hofer about flipped course design in higher education. Mark's Luminaris blog and podcast is focused on creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences and using technology in effective and engaging ways.

Dr. Kevin Coleman's Teaching & Learning Podcast

In this interview with Dr. Kevin Coleman, I talk about the FLIP, the flipped model in higher education, and instructional design to promote student engagement. We also discuss what it's like to build a business based on your scholarly work and how to get started in entrepreneurship.

If you are looking for a guest for your podcast, contact me and let's work together!  Topics: teaching and learning in higher education, flipped learning, active learning, instructional design, professional development for graduate students and postdocs, faculty development, podcasting, and entrepreneurship.