Podcast episodes and interviews featuring Dr. Barbi Honeycutt's work:


In episode 20 of the Academics Mean Business podcast with Dr. Lindsay Padilla, I share my experience turning my academic work into a business and how to leverage your scholarly expertise in the entrepreneurial space.




In episode 25 of the Cheeky Scientist Radio podcast with Dr. Isaiah Hankel, I share the 7 most valuable transferable skills in teaching and how you can highlight these skills when preparing for a job outside of academia.




In this interview with Dr. Kevin Coleman, I talk about the FLIP, the flipped model in higher education, and instructional design to promote student engagement. We also discuss what it's like to build a business based on your scholarly work and how to get started in entrepreneurship.




In episode 106 of the EdTech Weekly podcast, I talk with Ricky Zager about the FLIP model in higher education and how to start implementing the flipped model without getting overwhelmed.























In this interview with LearnPower and iTeachers, I share a brief overview of what the FLIP is and how to increase student engagement (transcript). 





If you are looking for a guest for your podcast, contact me and let's work together!  Topics: teaching and learning in higher education, flipped learning, active learning, instructional design, professional development for graduate students and postdocs, faculty development, and entrepreneurship.