Custom Online Programs for Groups, Departments, and Campuses

 barbi honeycutt online professional development programs for faculty educators graduate students

I create online professional development programs for groups, departments, and campuses.


Contact me and tell me a little about your event. Then, we'll schedule quick call so I can learn more about your goals for the program, the participants, and the logistics.

After we discuss your event, I will create a customized proposal for you which will include the program details, learning outcomes, deliverables, budget, and date(s).

Once we agree on all of the details, I can take care of the rest for you! I want to make the whole process as easy as possible for you!

  • I will design an online program specifically based on the needs, challenges, and goals of your participants. 

  • I will take care of registration, welcome emails, marketing flyers, custom website, reminder emails, and participation data if you would like me to. I can also create an evaluation survey for you, or we can use a tool you already have for your programs.

  • I will create a personal welcome video for just for your group.

  • I will create a private limited series podcast for your participants so they can access the lessons on the go. They can choose to watch the video lessons or listen to the audio lessons, or both!

  • Your participants get access to a private discussion forum just for them. I am very active in the forums and I provide feedback on all discussion posts. 

  • I can add custom features such as live Q&A sessions, assignments, private shared Google docs, and online certificates to your program at no additional cost.

  • I can create a "choose your own adventure" experience for your program so your participants can customize their professional development. Here's a recent example of one program I created for postdocs:


And here are 3 examples of custom online programs I created for campuses: