WOW! Take a look at our lineup of awesome speakers!

Dr. Susan D. Blum

Author of "Ungrading" and "I Love Learning; I Hate School"

Professor of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame

Speaker & Scholar

Dr. Jose Antonio Bowen

Author of "Teaching Naked" and "Teaching Change"

Former Dean (Miami and SMU) & President (Goucher College)

Educator, Consultant, & Musician

Dr. Derek Bruff

Assistant Provost & Executive Director of Vanderbilt Center for Teaching

Author of "Intentional Tech"

Podcaster & Speaker

Dr. Stephen Chew

U.S. Professor of the Year 2011.

Carnegie Scholar & Psychology Professor at Samford University

Well-known for his YouTube video series to help students study effectively.

Dr. Jenae Cohn

Author of "Skim, Dive, Surface: Teaching Digital Reading"

Director of Academic Technology at Sacramento State University

Educator & Speaker

Flower Darby

Author of "Small Teaching Online"

Faculty Member, Northern Arizona University

Educator & Speaker

Dr. Susan Hrach

Author of "Minding Bodies: How Physical Space, Sensation, and Movement Affect Learning"

Director of the Faculty Center & Professor of English at Columbus State University

Dr. Michelle Miller

Author of "Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology"

Professor of Psychological Sciences at Northern Arizona University

Speaker & Scholar

Dr. Newton Miller

Lead Faculty, Education Studies and Educator Preparation University of Arizona Global Campus

Author of "Why Some Seeds Don't Grow: 10 Principles for Educating, Mentoring, & Parenting Urban Youth"

Motivational Speaker

Dr. Barbi Honeycutt

Creator & Host of the Lecture Breakers podcast Virtual Summer Conference

Founder, Your Teaching Coach

Teaching & Learning Consultant & Instructional Coach

Speaker & Author