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Welcome! Hi, I'm Barbi and I'm so excited you're here! If you want to talk about teaching and learning, you're in the right place.

My website includes information about the programs, services, and resources I offer to support you in your pursuit of teaching excellence. I share resources for faculty who teach, graduate students who aspire to teach, and educators who want to explore the intersection of academia and entrepreneurship.

To help you get to the right place, here's an overview of what I do, how you can learn more, and how we can work together:

  FLIP It Consulting

I’m probably best known for my work related to active learning and flipped classrooms. After all, the name of my business is FLIP It Consulting, so that makes sense.

When people see the name of my business, they usually ask, “What is ‘flip’ it?” Before I can explain, they start asking questions to see if they can guess.

“Do you flip houses?” No, I don’t flip houses. 

“Is it like cooking? Do you flip pancakes or burgers?” No.

“Do you teach gymnastics? Teach kids how to flip?”  Ha ha! No, I don’t teach gymnastics. (But, that’s a great name for a gymnastics business!)

That’s when I briefly explain that the FLIP is related to teaching. I usually share a quick explanation such as, “It’s a teaching strategy. It’s when teachers “flip it” to the students and create more active and engaging learning experiences.”

That’s a basic intro for someone who is not education. But, if you teach (or want to teach one day), I’m sure you’re looking for a more detailed description of what the “flip” means and how we can work together.

Read more: What's the FLIP?

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But, the FLIP isn't all I do! Here are other projects I'm excited to share with you:

  My Teaching Center (coming soon!)

My Teaching Center is the place where you can participate in online courses, webinars, instructional coaching sessions, and access the virtual resources library.

It’s called My Teaching Center because it’s yours. You can choose the topics and resources that are most relevant to you, your goals, and your schedule. 

When you become a member of My Teaching Center, you get access to professional development resources designed to support you in your pursuit of teaching excellence. Events are offered live and on-demand.

When you or your campus becomes a member, you get immediate access to all of the content and free access to monthly webinars.

Learn more & join today!

Contact me to learn more about individual and campus memberships. Email:

  The Next Generation  

Graduate students and postdocs are the Next Generation of scholars, educators, and leaders, and I provide resources and services to support you wherever you are in your journey.

Prior to starting my business, I led professional development programs for graduate students and postdocs at North Carolina State University. For 15 years, I created programs, facilitated workshops, and provided support for graduate students and TAs who wanted to learn how to teach in the college classroom.

Working with the Next Generation is a mission that is near and dear to my heart, and I have continued to find ways to support you even though I'm outside of the institution now. 

Read the Next Generation blog.

Invite me to facilitate a workshop or webinar on your campus.

   The Scholarly Entrepreneur

As academics and scholars, I believe we bring a unique perspective to the entrepreneurial space. 

We are Scholarly Entrepreneurs, and our expertise and experience in research, writing, teaching, speaking, advising, and mentoring gives us a combination of skills and talents many others who start businesses don’t have.

If you are an academic who has started your own business (or if you’re thinking about it!), I want to connect with you!  I want to hear your story, learn more about how you are serving your clients, and share in your success as you create the life you want - beyond the “ivory tower.”

Read The Scholarly Entrepreneur blog.

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Now you know a little about what I do! I invite you to explore the website, sign up for the mailing list, and send me an email to introduce yourself! It's always great to meet other educators who are as excited about teaching and learning as I am.

I hope we have the chance to work together!