Flipped Lesson Planning Packet

Flipped Lesson Planning Packet

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This FREE lesson planning packet includes a two-step process to help you think strategically about which learning outcomes students are focusing on outside of class and how those experiences will help students achieve the in-class learning outcomes. 

In step 1, you use my Bloom's Taxonomy Brainstorming Worksheet to outline your learning outcomes for the lesson you want to FLIP. Then, in step 2, you use the Flipped Lesson Planning Worksheet to plan the details.  By using these two worksheets, you can create an organized flipped learning experience.


When you download your copy of the FREE FLIP It Lesson Planning Packet, you will receive:

  • Bloom's Taxonomy Brainstorming Worksheet Template

  • Bloom's Taxonomy Brainstorming Worksheet Example 

  • Lesson Flipped Lesson Planning Worksheet Template 

  • Flipped Lesson Planning Worksheet Example