Episode 104: Case Study Episode: Teaching a Service-Learning Course for the First Time

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In episode #104 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, Dr. Minna Ng joins us to talk about teaching a service-learning course for the first time (and during a pandemic!).

This is a case study episode, which means we are digging deep into a specific course to learn more about how it’s designed, what works, and what might be improved in the future.

Minna has been so open and forthcoming about her first time teaching this service-learning course, and I really appreciate her creativity and passion for connecting with and serving the community and helping students learn more about civic engagement.

In this episode, we dig into the learning outcomes for her course, the service-learning project, the community partners, and how things went overall. I love the project the students created and I can’t wait to keep up with this story to see what they create next.

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