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Episode 4: How to Support Faculty and Students in the Active Learning Classroom with Drs. Richard Felder and Rebecca Brent

lecture breakers podcast episode 4 supporting students and faculty in the active learning classroom with felder and brent


Drs. Richard Felder and Rebecca Brent join me in this jam-packed episode where we talk about how to support faculty and students in the active learning classroom. 

They share many examples of active learning strategies you can use to break up your lectures and increase student engagement without feeling like you are losing control of your class, getting off track, or not covering the course material. 

And, Rich and Rebecca share some great advice to help you address student resistance and student motivation, and they describe how you can use a mid-term evaluation to address students' perceptions of the active learning experiences in your course. Grab your notebook and a pen for this one and get ready to take notes!


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