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How to Prepare for the Teaching Demonstration (audio course)

The teaching demonstration is such an important part of the academic interview process for many job candidates in higher education. But, there's little guidance about how this part of the academic job interview works and how to actually design an effective demo lesson.

The How to Prepare for the Teaching Demonstration audio course guides job candidates step-by-step through this whole process so they'll feel confident, prepared, and ready to ace their teaching demonstration.


The Business of Academic Speaking (audio course)

If you've listened to an inspiring speaker at a conference and thought to yourself "I want to do that! I want to be the one up there sharing my experience and helping others!" then this audio course is for you!

The Business of Academic Speaking
 is a self-paced audio course designed to help you confidently navigate the business side of becoming a successful, in-demand speaker for higher education audiences. Learn how to reach your audience, what to charge, how to create a proposal, how to negotiate contracts, and more.


Fundamentals of College Teaching (mobile course)

Do you provide programs for:

  • new faculty who are too busy to attend workshops and events?
  • future faculty and graduate TAs who are just starting their teaching career?
  • professionals who want a refresher about teaching at the college level?

If so, then the Fundamentals of College Teaching mobile course is just what you're looking for! It's delivered through an innovative app that makes it easy for your educators to learn how to teach!