Shout outs from participants!

Hands down THE best virtual conference I’ve ever attended—by a literal landslide. THIS is how you do it and I am inspired to push these conference techniques out to my professional organizations.

Rose Judd-Murray, PhD

Thank you so much for an incredible afternoon. I have taken advantage of several professional development opportunities recently and this was absolutely the best!

Conference participant

I must thank you again for the incredible conference! It was life changing.

Vickie Garrison, Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, NY

I just have to say that this was such a great virtual conference! Biggest takeaway: how to properly implement the tools into the classroom so students can engage with the material without overwhelming them.

Dr. Cheryl Johnson

My Center for Teaching team really appreciated the conference! What a gift to us and what an incredible undertaking! Thanks again for all you've done to support my team and all of us!

Dr. Jessica Tinklenberg

Fantastic sessions & speakers! So much engagement & I love the community!

Conference participant

This conference was by far one of the of the best virtual conferences I have participated in. I can’t wait until the next conference!

Stephanie Daniel

Thank you! It is great to know that there are educators who are passionate about the process of learning, teaching and how to make a lasting impression on our students, far beyond the classroom. Your presenters and you demonstrated that passion in this conference, thank you for assisting us to become better educators.

Angela Arocha, West Coast University

Thank you very much for the informative sessions. The conference was excellent!

Abigail R. Heid, TriCounty Technical College

Thank you so much for all of these wonderful resources and for modeling for us these engaging strategies. I can certainly feel your passion and excitement for helping faculty in teaching and learning.

Conference participant