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Episode 146: Audio Ideas! 10 Creative Ways to Use Audio in Your Courses

 creative ways to use audio in education to engage students and improve learning


Episode Description:

In episode 146 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, I share 10 creative ways you can use audio in your courses to engage students and improve learning.

I dig into the findings from a few scholarly articles and explain how an audio-enhanced learning taxonomy can give you new ideas to offer a variety of effective and engaging learning experiences for your students.

You'll learn:
  • why audio is an effective and efficient way to enhance learning
  • how to use the four categories in the audio-enhanced learning taxonomy to design audio learning experiences for your students
  • what the research findings indicate about the use of audio in education
  • 10 creative and easy ways you can use audio to engage students and improve learning

Show Notes:

  • Get your podcast freebie for this episode! (Infographic + worksheet)

  • Kirwan, A., Raftery, S., & Gormley, C. (2023). Sounds good to me: A qualitative study to explore the use of audio to potentiate the student feedback experience. Journal of Professional Nursing. Volume 47. Pages 25-30. ISSN 8755-7223.

  • Saputra, Dwi & Arianto, M. & Saputra, Eko. (2023). “Will they listen to me?” Investigating the utilization of audio feedback in higher education. Studies in English Language and Education. 10. 741-755. Available here.





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