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Episode 17: How to Get Students to Come to Class Prepared

lecture breakers podcast how to get students to read and come to class prepared teaching strategies


In episode 17 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, I share 10 strategies you can use to get students to come to class prepared. You can use these strategies to encourage students to read, watch a video, or complete the pre-class work so they are ready and prepared to participate.

When you break up your lectures and integrate more active learning strategies into your courses, students need to understand the responsibility they have in contributing to the learning environment.

In this episode, I share why they might be coming to class unprepared and what you can do to help your students see the value of both the pre-class work and the active learning model. 


Memorable Quotes:

"If you teach using any student-centered, active learning model, you will face the challenge of unprepared students."

"You can have the most effective lesson plan, the most creative learning activity, and the most innovative technology to illustrate your points and course content, but if your students aren't prepared, then it defeats the whole purpose of this active, student-centered environment."

"Just as you are learning how to teach this way, your students are learning how to learn this way."

Show Notes: 



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