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Episode 36: How LectureSource is Helping Professors Share Teaching Resources, Save Time, and Earn Money with Melanie Banfield and Dr. Alex Lough

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Description: In episode 36 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, we're continuing our mini-series about re-thinking professional development in higher education.

Melanie Banfield and Dr. Alex Lough join us to talk about a resource they created called LectureSource. LectureSource is an online marketplace where you can share, buy, and sell teaching resources and materials that you’ve created.

You can share your lessons, activities, handouts, videos, slide decks (and more!) with educators around the world. And, you can make a little money on the side!

You can also use LectureSource to find ideas for your next lecture. You can search for lesson plans, slide decks, exam questions, writing assignments, and active learning strategies. 

I wanted to feature LectureSource on the show because it supports you in creating lectures without having to "reinvent the wheel." A resource like this can save you time and you can feel prepared because the course materials are created by professors, for professors.

Melanie and Alex have a special offer for you. Use the code podcast50 to get 50% off any resource on the LectureSource website.

Show Notes:

  • LectureSource allows for cross-institutional collaboration and sharing of content and ideas.
  • It's an e-commerce website where educators can buy and sell course materials
  • Many of the materials are low cost! Some resources are as low as $.99!
  • You can use LectureSource to create supplemental course materials to go with open-source textbooks.

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