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Episode 72: Using Comic Books in the Classroom with Dr. Krista Gehring

lecture breakers podcast comics in the classroom



In episode 72 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, Dr. Krista Gehring joins us to talk about how she uses comics in her classroom to engage students and improve learning.

Krista is an associate professor in criminal justice and social work. She shares her story about how she started reading comics in adulthood and how that experience has influenced and transformed her teaching and her scholarship.

Krista shares how powerful it can be when you combine storytelling with art to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences.

She also talks about the teaching strategies she uses with the comics and how to introduce students to comics if they are a little uncertain or hesitant.

Comic books have been so influential to Krista that she has created her own line of comic books called CrimComics, and her students create comics as part of their final projects in her course.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "When you read comic books, there's this level of engagement where you have to actively make meaning of this interplay between text and images, as well as filling in the gaps between the panels."

  • "The comic format is an efficient way to convey a lot of information in just a few pages."

  • "Comics pair text and images together helps with better recall and transfer of learning."

Show Notes:




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