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Episode 89: Let's Talk about Ungrading (Part 1) with Dr. Chris Jones and Dr. Heather Miceli




In episode 89 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, Dr. Chris Jones and Dr. Heather Miceli join us to talk about ungrading in higher education.

In this two-part episode, Chris and Heather bring us very different perspectives. Chris brings us the perspective of both a faculty member and a de facto program administrator. And, he just completed his first semester using the ungrading approach.

Heather brings us the perspective of being an adjunct professor teaching introductory science courses. And she has been using the ungrading approach for awhile.

In part 1 of this conversation, Chris and Heather talk about what ungrading is and how they implement this approach in their courses. They also discuss some common misconceptions about ungrading.  

In part 2 (episode 90), they share how they introduce students to ungrading, how they are overcoming some of the challenges of ungrading, and how they are making assessment and feedback work within the ungrading model.

Favorite quotes:

"There's no one way to ungrade."

"Most grading is actively harmful. It doesn't reflect student learning."

"Ungrading gives students so much more space to play to their strengths"


Show Notes:




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