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Episode 111: The Biggest Takeaways from the Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes in 2021

lecture breakers podcast with Dr. Barbi Honeycutt teaching strategies


In episode 111 of the Lecture Breakers podcast, we're counting down the top 10 most downloaded episodes of 2021! And because I have been learning right along with you, I’ll also share my biggest takeaway from each episode. Here we go!


[Honorable Mention] Episode 89: Let's Talk About Ungrading with Dr. Chris Jones and Dr. Heather Miceli

#10 (tie): Episode 93: Teaching Synchronously in Zoom: Tips for Chat Sessions and Breakout Rooms with Dr. Dan Levy

#10 (tie): Episode 75: How to Create More Engaging Asynchronous Online Courses with Dr. Monica Burns

#9: Episode 107: 5 Educational Apps to Increase Student Engagement with Holly Owens

#8: Episode 91: Take Your Active Learning Experiences to the Next Level with Dr. Susan Hrach

#7: Episode 81: 20 Reflection Prompts to Encourage Students to Participate in Class with Dr. Barbi Honeycutt

#6: Episode 92: Transform Your Online Courses with these 5 Principles from Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience with Dr. Stephen Kosslyn

#5: Episode 67: Inclusive Teaching Strategies: How to Support the Success of All Students with Dr. Tracie Addy

#4: Episode 79: Student Engagement Techniques with Dr. Claire Howell Major

#3: Episode 101: Create More Effective and Engaging Reading Activities with Dr. Jenae Cohn

#2: Episode 99: Lesson Planning Made Easy with Dr. Barbi Honeycutt

#1: Episode 66: 25 Ways to Get to Know Your Students with Dr. Barbi Honeycutt & the Lecture Breakers Community!

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